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1 | P a g e MGM275: Business Applications and Information Systems Spring 2010 Course Learning Objectives: LO1: Developing Skills in Representative Applications Students will demonstrate a competency level capability in utilizing spreadsheets, word processing, and database applications. LO2: Technology, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Students will demonstrate a competency level of understanding of the ways in which technology can facilitate problem solving and decision making in organizations. LO3: Application of Technological skills to the Learning Environment Students will demonstrate a competency level capability in applying technological skills to their SBE coursework. LO4: Vocabulary and Terminology Students will demonstrate a competency level understanding of the vocabulary and terminology of information systems environments. LO5: Ethics Students will be able to recognize and critically assess the ethics of data definition, extraction, compilation, aggregation and use in a business environment. LO6: Information Systems Analysis Students will be able to describe how choices of hardware, software, and operating system can affect the performance of an information system Course Overview: This course will introduce the topic of management information systems (MIS) and discuss how organizations use information systems to support for a variety of tasks ranging from basic day to day activities to creating competitive advantage in the market place. Through a variety of hands-on exercises and mini-cases, students will utilize Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to explore information technology impacts on the core business disciplines (accounting, marketing, management, operations management, statistics, and finance) Information systems terminology, the ethics of information collection and use, and the ability to determine what and how information should be presented to various levels of management are primary drivers of this course. Following an overview of basic IS hardware and software, we will discuss topics such as data communications
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Syllabus(business Application) - MGM275 Business...

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