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antipsychotic side effects

antipsychotic side effects - N 311/312 Common side effects...

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N 311/312 Common side effects of neuroleptic/antipsychotic drugs: 1. Extrapyramidal Side Effects (EPS) a. Usually occurs within 48 hours of beginning med b. Descriptions from clients may resemble “I get toungue-tied when I try to talk” or “my back and neck tighten up”. c. Characterized by abnormal tonic contraction of muscle groups d. Odd posturing or strange facial expression/grimacing e. Most common in young males f. Treated prophylactically with anticholinergics like Cogentin 2. Drug induced Parkinsonism a. Usually occurs after 3 or more weeks of treatment b. Characterized by rigidity, tremor, or rhythmic oscillations of the extremities particularly distal portion of extremities (for example, pill rolling motion of hands, cogwheel rigidity of joints.) c. Most common in elderly clients d. Clients more susceptible to falls or food aspiration e. Treated with decreased medication dosage or addition of anticholinergics 3. Akathesia a. Usually develops after 3 or more weeks of treatment b.
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