PSC 104 - Intro to Political Theory Syllabus

PSC 104 - Intro to Political Theory Syllabus - INTRODUCTION...

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Unformatted text preview: INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL THEORY Political Science 104 Dr. Wendy Gunther-Canada Office Hours: T/TH 9:3011:00 Class Scheduled: T/TH 11:00-12:15 Office: Heritage Hall 414 A Email: Phone: 934-8674 Course Description: Political theory is often represented as an ongoing conversation about creating a good society that enables us to live well together. This course introduces you to the canonical conversation of political thought. We begin with the Socratic dialogues of Ancient Athens and progress to modern debates concerning democracy and diversity that give meaning to American citizenship. Our intellectual journey follows the philosophical evolution of ethical ideas and historical development of practices of civic responsibility. We examine the tension between individual rights and duty to the community. We ask how gender, class, and race shape personal identities and contest assumptions about who can exercise the rights of citizens. Students question the nature of politics through an analysis of competing definitions of justice, virtue, authority, and power. Class readings have been selected to engage you in this vital discussion focused on individual empowerment, community involvement, and political culture. Our learning objective as a class is to develop a critical understanding of political theory as an evolving discourse and to analyze democratic citizenship as a lived experience. Course Requirements: This course focuses on the discussion of ideas. Every student is responsible for all required readings and is expected to attend each class prepared to join in our discussion of theorists. Attendance will be taken during each class. Outlines for each lecture are posted on Blackboard and can serve as study guides. Final grades will be determined on the basis of combined letter grades from three essay examinations. As always, classroom participation will enhance your overall learning experience and is highly recommended. September 23, 2010: Mid-term examination (25%) October 26, 2010: Mid-term examination (25%) December 9, 2010: Comprehensive final examination (50%) Exams consist of essay questions that ask you to consider the relationship between several theorists and compare and contrast their ideas. You will receive a copy of the essay questions to review a week prior to the exam. I am happy to comment on an outline of your essay and offer feedback for improvement. I am happy to comment on an outline of your essay and offer feedback for improvement....
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PSC 104 - Intro to Political Theory Syllabus - INTRODUCTION...

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