Ongoing conflict regions in Sudan

Ongoing conflict regions in Sudan - In a 2009 article for...

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Unformatted text preview: In a 2009 article for International Affairs , Sudan expert Alex de Waal says insight into these conflicts requires an understanding of Sudan's "political marketplace" (PDF) , in which provincial leaders bargain with Khartoum for the price of their loyalty. Each time they start a new round of negotiations with the government, they launch "a targeted assault on the economic and human assets of the metropolitan elites," he writes. For example, a group might attack a merchant or army outpost as a way of drawing attention and demanding that the government bargain with it. The government usually retaliates with another act of violence, de Waal writes, and then the two sides will settle, or the violence escalates. The regions with ongoing conflicts are as follows: • Darfur . In February 2003, rebels from the western Darfur region of Sudan launched an uprising and demanded equal representation in the government and improved infrastructure in the...
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