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Essay Two: Emerson and American Poetry Instructions: Read Emerson’s essay, “The Poet” in the Norton Anthology . Choose one poem from the list below. Consider in what ways the poem represents or does not represent Emerson’s ideas about American poetry. To do this assignment well you will need to explicate 1 two texts: Emerson’s essay “The Poet” (1180-1195) and the poem you select from the list below. You must have independent understandings of the two texts before you can determine how you will answer the central question of the assignment. That two-part question is, what does Emerson think are the characteristics of good American poetry, and how does the poem compare to Emerson’s aesthetic? Support: The majority of the support for the arguments you make in your essay should consist of evidence from the essay and poem along with your own explanation of your ideas. When you state a claim about either text (“Emerson argues that good poetry should be written in purple ink” or “Wheatley’s poem is a scathing critique of butterflies”), always be sure to support that claim with textual evidence and an explanation of your reasoning. If, for example, you were to make that claim about Wheatley, you would need to tell (and perhaps show with quotations) which parts of the poem make clear that it is about butterflies and which details indicate that the poem takes a position against butterflies. But telling or showing where is not enough. Some students have a tendency to assume that their interpretation is obvious and that, if they make an argument and quote some of the text, the reader will automatically see the connection. Do not make this mistake. Explain how the passage you identified from the text helps support your argument. Research:
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EH 223-Essay Two Emerson - Essay Two: Emerson and American...

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