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Essay One: Close Analysis of a Prose Passage Choose one passage from the list below and analyze the writing. Break down the writing into its various parts for the purpose of understanding how and why it is put together. To do this well, you will need to identify the purpose of the passage (what does it seem that the author is trying to do ?), the audience of the text (what specific people does the author seem to have in mind?), and the specific historical context (what circumstances influenced the writing?) in which it was produced. Then, consider the strategies the writer uses to convey the message to the audience. Consider what literary devices are used and why they are used. Consider what imagery is used and why. Consider word choice, which is the writer’s choice of certain words instead of their synonyms because of the connotations or associations the audience might have. Consider allusions to specific events, people, or other texts. What meaning do any of these elements contribute to the text? How do these elements help the writer shape the opinions of the audience? You may include information from sources (properly cited, of course), but emphasis should be placed on your own close and careful reading and analysis of the passage. You will need to understand how the passage works in the context of the larger text. Do not choose a passage that will be the subject of your in-class presentation. Select one from the following list of passages in The Norton Anthology of American Literature. Bradford, second paragraph of “Difficult Beginnings” 122-123 or first paragraph of chapter 7 109-110 Sewall, Obj. 3 and Answer Paine, paragraph beginning on bottom of 634, ending at top of 635 or 5 th full paragraph on 646 Jacobs, 2 full paragraphs on 1811 Hawthorne, last full paragraph 1305 Apess, last paragraph on 1057 Format: Your essay must be a minimum of 4 pages (not including a Works Cited page) that are typed and double-spaced in 12-point size Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all sides. Your first and last name, my last name, the course number, and the date should be placed (in that order) at the top left of your first page. Your last name and a page number should appear in the top right corner of every page. Do not add extra spacing between your header and title or between the title and the body of your
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EH 223-Essay 1 prompts - Essay One: Close Analysis of a...

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