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EH 223 PRESENTATION OVERVIEW The presentation will give you an opportunity to share your analysis of a text or a small portion of text with the class. I will make a sign-up sheet available to you, and you will select the day on which you want to present. Each student must sign up for one presentation. Sign-up by writing your first name in the appropriate space on the sign-up sheet on my office door. There will be a maximum of two presenters each day. If you are scheduled to present on the same day as a classmate, be sure to confer with your classmate well in advance of the presentation date to make sure that the two of you do not plan to present on the same small section of the reading assignment. Option 1: Prose Select an excerpt (no more than one page of prose) of a days reading assignment and analyze it. Present your ideas to the class. As you choose a passage, try to think like a teacher. Where will students need help? Which passages seem to need discussion or especially close reading? Does the passage contain imagery that you feel adds an additional meaning to the text? Does the passage contain details that help readers understand the character(s), theme(s) or the author’s purpose? Does the passage contain allusions that you can research and explain? Is there anything else you deem worthy of close scrutiny that other readers may have overlooked? *You must select a prose passage that is part of the reading assignment for the day of
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