Syllabus EH 223-MB - May Term 2010 EH 223-MB: American...

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EH 223-MB: American Literature I, Before 1865 May Term 2010 MTWRF 11:00-1:40 pm Instructor: Rabi’a Hakima Office: HB 405 Office Phone: 975-5352 Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday 8-10:30 a.m. Email Address: (When necessary, I will respond to your emails within 24 hrs.) Course Description and Objectives: This course covers literature of the US from its beginnings until the end of the Civil War. An emphasis will be placed on close reading of each text in an effort to gain an understanding of its structure, content, rhetorical purpose(s), audience(s), and historical, aesthetic, and political significance. We will read texts that arise out of the interactions between Native Americans, African Americans and European Americans as well as texts that shaped gender roles in America. By the end of the semester, you will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the various texts, authors, and significant historical periods covered as well as the major aesthetic or intellectual ideas associated with each. You are also expected to improve your general abilities to read and think critically and write effectively. Required Texts and Materials: The Norton Anthology of American Literature , vols. A and B. 7 th edition. ($52.00 used at UAB bookstore) Handouts. If you are not in class on the days that I distribute these handouts, I will place the remaining copies in the box outside my office door Folders (for storing and organizing graded work and handouts) Access to a working computer and printer (Computer excuses will never be accepted for late or incomplete work.) Access to the Internet Access to Blackboard Learn (visit and log in using your Blazer ID and password) An activated UAB email account which you check at least once per day for course updates and official University emails Writing implements (for taking careful class notes and careful reading notes) Graded Work and Assignments: Reading : You are expected to complete all of the reading assignments listed on the schedule attached to this syllabus. You should complete the reading for a particular day before the class period on which the reading is scheduled and bring the assigned text to class with you on that day. You should take extensive reading notes that not only contain details from the reading but also your thoughts, opinions, and questions about the reading. Especially make note of places in the reading that you find particularly interesting or troubling in preparation for class discussion. Your class participation grade will be determined, in part, by your ability to use your thoughtful reading of the material to enrich class discussion. The texts we will read over the course of the semester express varying views on religion, politics, social class, racial mythologies, gender, and other personal and social issues. You are not obligated to accept any of these views. You should read the texts only with the goal of understanding the texts and how they influence and are
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Syllabus EH 223-MB - May Term 2010 EH 223-MB: American...

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