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quiz 4 - MCB 200 Human Genetics Fall 2007 Quiz#4 Section...

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Unformatted text preview: MCB 200 Human Genetics Fall 2007 Quiz #4 Section # Consider a hypothetical diploid genome (N=2) with two pairs of chromosomes. For each of the following diagrams (1-6), identify the cycle as mitosis (M), meiosis I (M1), or meiosis 11 (M11), and identify the stage as prophase, metaphase, anaphase, or telophase. (1) (2) 44. $1 \\ (5) \\,I ’/\< 4. T7: 00 2. r’o ‘ as - 5. I. 8% as 3. \I ’1 as 6. [ES Afiqu‘lq56 7‘ Prior to entering either mitosis or meiosis, in which stage of the cell cycle are chromosomes replicated? In {(9 1'}; HQ 3‘6 3 (5y n {/7615 8. What are the regions of a chromosome that contain very few functional genes? He {6' ro C Al’omq‘gfi 9. Somatic cells of a red fox normally have 38 chromosomes. What is the corresponding number of chromosomes present in the nucleus of a red fox cell in telophase II of meiosis? ) 9 10. The evolutionarily important crossing—over event contributing to genetic variability occurs during what specific stage of cell division? Prol’harc at" Mel-wit]: ...
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