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Journal Reflections on Robert Maynard Hutchins 1. After describing Hutchins’ “exceedingly rare” (p. 115), quick ascent into direct leadership at such a young age, Gardner eventually concludes that “perhaps his rise had been too meteoric; he had never quite mastered the many steps that can translate a vision into reality” (p. 127). Do you agree or disagree with Gardner’s claim that Hutchins had difficulty translating a vision into reality? If so, what are some of the ‘steps’ that need to happen in the process for a leader to be effective? 2. Gardner describes qualities that Hutchins embodied which made him a “precocious ‘natural’ leader” (p. 115). Can you identify any examples of “natural leaders” you have encountered or learned about? What do you think are the key qualities that are embodied in these “natural leaders?” 3. Gardner summarizes Hutchins story about the role of higher education on page 120. What aspects, if any, of Hutchins’ story do you see or have you experienced through your
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