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Discussion Points about Pope John XXIII 1. Gardner describes the experiences of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli both growing up and during his formative years in the church. He describes how during the reign of Pope Pius X there was “fierce debate within the church about the acceptability of new ideas”, and that Roncalli specifically “experienced the most severe testing of his own position” (p. 170). How was he tested and what was the result? P. 171, “Reflecting on this difficult encounter, Roncalli searched for a more harmonious middle way” (p. 171)—perhaps this was one outcome? How do you respond to new ideas that you encounter? Is it possible for one to learn without accepting new ideas about the world and how it works? 2. Gardner says that Pope John XXIII was able to “focus on the big picture” while leaving the administration to others, possibly because of his older age (p. 174). What was the “big picture” for Pope John XXIII? What ‘themes’ does he seem to carry out, both
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