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Leaders of World War II, Journal Prompts 1) All of the leaders of this period wielded extraordinary power over the lives of millions of people around the world. How did each of them come to be in the particular leadership roles they had, and how did each use the power he obtained? Imagining yourself with the power to decide the fate of millions through decisions you make, where do you think you would obtain the confidence (or the audacity) to know that you were making the best or wisest choices? 2) Gardner makes the case that each one of these leaders had a particular “identity” story that also resonated with the populations of their respective nations. What do you think about this view of how leaders “emerge from the crowd” and become visible and influential leaders? How much of this concept do you think is actually conscious on the part of leaders and how much of it is actually unconscious? In other words, do leaders devise their own scripts and in essence write the story of
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