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Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady” of Great Britain 1) As he usually does, Gardner begins with a discussion of Thatcher’s family and upbringing, which he says was not “portentous.” Yet there was something which caused Thatcher to basically write her mother out of her life story. Thus Thatcher was a woman who became a major national figure, but apparently without her mother as a significant role model. What do you make of that fact? In your own family, was one of your parents more influential in her life than the other? Do you think this has influenced your own personal development? Why? 2) Margaret went to Oxford, which in Britain is a major achievement, especially for a woman of Thatcher’s background. She studied chemistry in college. How and why did she become interested in politics as a vocation? What was happening in the world and in Britain that drew her towards the political realm? How did she sometimes combine her scientific training with her later political activities? Could you imagine yourself spending four or more years studying a particular academic field, especially a science, and then not really applying that knowledge in your vocation? 3) Thatcher’s rise to power was unorthodox for many reasons, including her class
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Margaret%20Thatcher_Prompts - Margaret Thatcher, the Iron...

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