Mead and Oppenheimer Reflection

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The Stories of Margaret Mead and J. Robert Oppenheimer Please consider the following questions for your journal. 1) In what ways are Margaret Mead’s and J. Robert Oppenheimer’s stories similar? In what important ways are they different? [ Note: You will find Appendix I helpful in understanding how Gardner uses his basic categories to sort the 11 leaders and their various roles and dimensions of leadership .] Margaret Mead 2) What were the primary conclusions of Mead’s study of Samoan families? How did she apply these conclusions to adolescence, sexual relations and family life in the U.S. and other Western cultures? 3) Why was Mead’s work so appealing and attract such a large audience outside the scholarly field of anthropology? How did she reconcile the tensions posed by the scholarly demands of her profession with her strong desire to explain her research in terms that anyone could understand? J. Robert Oppenheimer
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