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MLK - Boycott But for everything after that he seemed...

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Journal Prompts for Martin Luther King 1) Our discussion was around the unique historical role of Dr. King. For example there is no other American who has a specific holiday named for him or her. Neither Washington nor Lincoln has his own personal day; they have been joined together in "President's Day." Yet like Lincoln during his lifetime, King was a controversial, even polarizing figure. Both were the targets of assassins who despised what they were doing. What did King accomplish that sets him apart from other significant American leaders, achievements that would merit a special national day of recognition? Can you think of ways that your own life may have been affected by what King did? If so, please describe. If not, why not? 2) In your own words discuss the nature and traits of transformational leadership. How do such leaders emerge into the role of changing an entire society or culture? Could you ever imagine yourself as a transformational leader? 3) In King's case, he was chosen at a young age (26) to lead the Montgomery Bus
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Unformatted text preview: Boycott. But for everything after that, he seemed unable to disengage from his role as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. Did what extent did he choose to continue as leader, and to what extent did he have this leadership thrust upon him? Do leaders always have the option to leave a leadership position? For transformational leaders is that option possible? 4) How did King, a leader who was devoted to non-violence, continue to preach non-violence and remain personally non-violent when so much violence was directed at him and his followers? Did he ever become discouraged and tempted to quit? Have you ever felt discouragement or despair that you would never be able to achieve a goal that you yearned to obtain? What kept you going and working toward that seemingly impossible goal? 5) Would you be willing to die for a cause that you believe in deeply? Discuss why or why not....
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