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Chapter 14, Jean Monnet and Mahatma Gandhi, Journal prompts 1) Why did Gardner group Monnet and Gandhi together? What was it about their work, about their styles of leadership, or about them personally that made them similar? 2) Why do you think Gardner refers to this type of leadership as “visionary”? Specifically, he says, “These two approaches to broadening a sense of identity serve as genuine instances of visionary or transformational leadership.” (p. 283) 3) Why does the theme of “embodiment of one’s cause” seem of particular significance to the effectiveness of these leaders? 4) Embodiment seems to be closely linked with the “tenacity to their central idea” that
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Unformatted text preview: Gardner also describes (p. 278). However, he also says that they were each “flexible about how [their] ideas were pursued or realized, and each actually welcomed periods of instability in which innovation was more likely to be tolerated”. What role do you think this flexibility played in the effectiveness of their story? Is it possible to be both tenacious and flexible as a leader? 5) What motivated both Monnet and Gandhi to persist in the leadership of their causes over many years, despite numerous and sometimes devastating set-backs?...
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