Final Exam Prompts - Thinking like a Leader, Spring 2011...

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Thinking like a Leader, Spring 2011 Final Exam You should respond to one of the three questions below with a thoughtful and comprehensive essay. Your essay should be four to five pages , double spaced with standard margins and an 11 point font. This exam essay will constitute 35 percent of your final course grade and will be due no later than 11:00 PM in class on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 . 1) True Convictions vs. Hubris and Conceit We’ve read about leaders who held such strong convictions about their ‘story’ that they were compelled “to confront others in positions of power on equal terms” (p. 253). However, there also seems to be a fine line between having a healthy sense of purpose and an overly-inflated ego that harms oneself and one’s goals. Gardner cites a related theme of leaders eventually undermining their own causes, resulting in a “hubristic fate” (p. 262). A. Knowing both of these things, what possible strategies can leaders use to navigate between these two opposing forces of strong conviction and excessive pride? What are at least three examples from Gardner’s text that support your argument? B. In your own life, what can you do to balance humility with your strong conviction for a good cause? Apply examples from personal experiences to describe how you balance the various parts of your leadership style and temperament. Consider
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Final Exam Prompts - Thinking like a Leader, Spring 2011...

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