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Global and Community Leadership Honors Issues of Interest During the junior year or before, every student in Global and Community Leadership Honors  will choose an area of concentration in his or her major field of study, or in a field of personal  scholarly interest. This scholarly work will address an issue with relevance to one or more of the  themes or topic areas which are listed below.    Working with a faculty mentor, the student will develop an honors thesis or honors project that  will advance scholarly knowledge  in the chosen field of study, and that will also have a  demonstrated application 
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Unformatted text preview: to the chosen area of global concern. Global Areas of Concern for Scholarly Concentration: Poverty Education Health and welfare of children Healthcare systems Public Health Disease Prevention Health Behaviors Mental Health Food and Nutrition Cultural, racial and ethnic diversity Human and civil rights Energy Environment and biodiversity Geopolitics and International Relations War and Peace Politics and Law Terrorism Economy and economic development Economics and trade Religion Aging and end of life concerns Science and Technology...
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