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10 of 17 equivalents of base = equivalents of acid (or meq base = meq acid) and since N = ml meq , then ml x N = meq therefore, ml base x N of base = ml acid x N of acid The endpoint of a titration can be determined by the use of an indicator. Indicators are generally acids of fairly high molecular weight. In water or other solvents, they behave as weak acids or bases and participate in equilibrium reactions involving the hydrogen ion. The association and dissociation reactions of indicators are as follows: HIn H + + In - (acid color) (base color) Incidentally, oxidation-reduction indicators work in a similar manner by changing color in the presence of an oxidizing or reducing environment. V. DILUTIONS The relationships that we found in acid-base reactions can also be applied to dilution problems. volume of solution 1 x concentration of solution 1 = volume of solution 2 x concentration of solution 2. V
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