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Intro to Soil Science Lec. 1-2 Introduction Book Ch. 1 1/10/2011 5 - Soil is a natural body on the earth’s surface composed of mineral and organic matter formed by the interaction of Climate, Organisms, and Topography acting upon Parent Material over long periods of Time - Five factors of soil formation = CORPT Definitions of Soil Pedological V.V. DOKUCHAYEV 1846-1903
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Unformatted text preview: Soil as a Natural Resource Billions of Hectares Planet Earth Total 51 Land 15 Water 36 People 7 x 10 9 Land Area Total 15 Arable 1.5 Pasture 3.2 Forest 4.1 Arable Land- Produces crops, orchards, vineyards etc.- Assuming 7 billion people there are 0.21 hectares of arable land / person.- Equivalent to 0.52 acres/person, i.e., not much!...
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