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Intro to Soil Science Lec. 1-2 Introduction Book Ch. 1 1/10/2011 7 Plant Essential Nutrients C . B . HOPK i NS CaFe , Co . Cl osed M o n day Mo rning and Ni ght. C-u Z oo n , the Mg . - Of the 92 natural elements, 18 are essential - From air and water: C, H, O - Macronutrients from soils: N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S - Micronutrients from soils: Fe, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Cl, Co, Mo, Ni Functions of Soils Regulator of Water Supply –Storage and transmission
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Unformatted text preview: Modify runoff Purify groundwater Contribute sediment Sink and source of pollution Recycler of Raw Materials Decomposition of organic debris Production of humus Mineralization of nutrients Disposal and utilization of human wastes Short and long term C storage (sequestration) Functions of Soils...
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