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Intro to Soil Science Lec. 1-2 Introduction Book Ch. 1 1/10/2011 12 Solids, Liquids , and Gases - Soil water is the soil solution. - The soil solution is composed of water, dissolved ions, molecules, and gases. - Site of reaction for nutrient uptake, herbicide activity, leaching etc. Driving force for reactions. SOILS CONSIST OF THREE MAJOR COMPONENTS Solids, Liquids, and Gases - Soil atmosphere contains similar gases as found in the atmosphere above the soil but often in very
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Unformatted text preview: different proportions. - Usually higher carbon dioxide and lower oxygen than atmosphere above the soil.- Soil gas composition is critical to biological processes. SOILS CONSIST OF THREE MAJOR COMPONENTS Terminology Pedon Smallest unit of a soil, about 1 m hexagon, 2+ m deep. Profile Vertical exposure of soil showing horizons. Horizon Nearly horizontal layer in soil formed by pedogenic processes....
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