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Intro to Soil Science Lec. 1-2 Introduction Book Ch. 1 1/10/2011 14 Soil Horizons can be: - Zones of organic matter accumulation (A horizons). - Zones of loss (leaching, eluviation) of clay, organic matter, and various metal oxides (E horizons). - Zones of gain (illuviation) of clay, OM and metal oxides, that have moved downward from surface horizons (B horizons). - Zones that are altered in place (C horizons). Soil Horizons
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Unformatted text preview: O organic A surface mineral “topsoil” E eluvial, leached Bt illuvial, accumulation of weathering products, clay BC transitional to C horizon C slightly altered parent material R bedrock Mollisol Typic Endoaquoll Parent Material: Loess Location: Western Illinois Native vegetation: Prairie Age: 10,000 years Horizon Ap BA Bg1 Bg2 BCg Note:- mollic epipedon- gleyed subsoil- krotovina...
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