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NRES 201 Intro to Soil Science Lec. 3-4. Soil Physical Properties Ch. 4 1/10/2011 9 Therefore: Vs = ODwt/ Ds and Vt = ODwt/ Db % Pore Space (PS) = (1 - [ODwt/ Ds]/[ODwt/ Db]) x 100 Since: (Total Soil (Bulk) Density) Db = ODwt/Vt and (Solid (Particle) Density) Ds = ODwt/Vs And: % PS = (1 - Db/ Ds) x 100 Assume Ds = 2.65 g cm -3 and know how to work this formula! More Fun With Soil Density/Porosity - Given oven dry weight and volume calculate bulk
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Unformatted text preview: density.- Given bulk density and assuming particle density calculate porosity.- Given porosity and assuming particle density calculate bulk density. YOU CAN do ALL THIS fun stuff:- Gravimetric water content = 100 x Mw/ODW g is determined by oven drying a field moist soil sample (weight loss = water)- Volumetric water content Vw/Vt ( or v , is generally derived: v = g x Db) Soil Water Content...
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