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Whitlow’s BIO 101 Objectives:  Chapter 7 – Where It Starts- Photosynthesis What major groups of organisms have at least some members that can perform photosynthesis? Compare and contrast the following types of organisms: photoautotrophs , chemoautotrophs , and heterotrophs . This comparison should include where each type of organism obtains its energy and carbon. Also, able to recognize a specific example of each type of organism. ( note that this objective will not be discussed in lecture. However, it is covered in the textbook and you will still be responsible for understanding it. ) Write the overall equation for photosynthesis. Define these terms concerning the physical properties of light: Wavelength Photons Electromagnetic spectrum Explain why chlorophyll appears green. What wavelengths of light does chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b absorb? What is a pigment? What is a pigment’s role in photosynthesis? What specific pigments are found in plants, and what colors of light does each absorb and
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objectives_ch7 - WhitlowsBIO101Objectives:

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