MySpace Speech - John Bieler MySpaceSpeech History...

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John Bieler MySpace Speech History was the first successful social networking website. This is Tom Anderson President of MySpace; he became the face of MySpace by becoming every MySpace member’s first friend. Tom and others saw potential in another social networking website called Friendster, and built upon its more popular features. MySpace began with a complete infrastructure of Finance, HR, technical expertise, and server capacity; so there were none of the typical start up problems. In order to reach the masses, MySpace then held contests to see who could sign up the most users. MySpace CEO Brad Greenspan believed that keeping MySpace free and open was necessary to make it a large and successful community. MySpace first launched in August 2003. Two years later was sold to News Corporation, parent company of Fox Broadcasting, for 580 million dollars. In June 2006 MySpace was the most popular social networking website in the United States. In September 2006 MySpace had approximately 106 million accounts. Today, according to
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MySpace Speech - John Bieler MySpaceSpeech History...

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