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Human Resource Plan - Bieler 1 John Bieler Professor...

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John Bieler Professor Carrigan Business 100-05 27 April 2007 McLean Skate Shop Human Resource Plan Organizational Hierarchy and structure with Job Desciptions Top management will include my partner and I. We will both also be involved in supervisory management. We will mostly handle only the utmost important matters, but we will also spend our time selling. Top management’s main responsibility is to keep track of inventory and doing behind the scenes work. Supervisory management consists of a couple managers to provide drive for the sales associates. These managers will give the sales associates direct orders, and will be responsible for product. Supervisory managers will be top managements right hand men. Supervisory managers will also be responsible for making the custom designed boards. Sales associates are anyone that Top Management Supervisory Management Sales Associates Bieler 1
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works the floor of the shop, which just focuses on selling items. These associates are responsible for sales and revenue and working the cash register. How Decisions are made For the McLean skate shop we will use a participative (democratic) leadership system. This consists of managers and employees working together to make decisions. It is important to get the input of supervising managers and other employees. Top management will rely heavily on supervising managers to receive quality information. It is always important in the decision making process no matter what level it is on to use good judgment. Most decisions will get final approval by my partner and I, however we will rely on the information and input of other employees very much.
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