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John Bieler Professor Carrigan Business 100-05 6 April 2007 McLean Skate Shop Marketing Plan Market Research From about middle school till now in college I have had friends who skate. Skateboarding was at its peak in middle school. Some skateboarders stop though once they have hit high school but a majority still skateboard for enjoyment. Now, I have friends in college that are reverting back to their days in middle school and picking up a skateboard once again. I have noticed a rise in the number of kids that are skateboarding
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Unformatted text preview: on the streets and around there house now a days. There is also a very strong market of the MTV generation with many punk kids who are intrigued by the idea of excitement and skateboarding. The MTV generation can be considered anyone who is in middle school through college and MTV basically does you marketing for you by constantly showing kids with a lifestyle that revolves around skateboarding. The X-Games seems to be the Mecca of skateboarding and all that is the MTV generation....
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