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John Bieler Business 100 Professor Carrigan 2 February 2007 10 Points against NAFTA Labor unions in Canada and the United States have opposed NAFTA for fear that jobs would move out of the country due to lower labor costs in Mexico. Farmers in Mexico have opposed and still oppose NAFTA because the heavy agriculture subsidies for farmers in the United States have put a great deal of downward pressure on Mexican agricultural prices, forcing many farmers out of business. Some politicians have opposed free trade for fear that it will turn countries, such as Canada, into permanent branch plant economies. Many argue that the economic policies of NAFTA both stem from and exacerbate inequality and relationships of force shaped by racial, gendered, sexual, and economic formations over time that have benefited elite groups while exploiting and liquidating others. The polls in Canada and Mexico have tended to show that citizens see their own country as the loser in NAFTA, and to see the United States as the winner. In the
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