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John Bieler Psychology of Human Sexuality Professor Love November 28 th , 2007 Sex under the Influence of Alcohol Many people use alcohol to “relax” or “loosen up”. Alcohol lowers one’s inhibition, which allows people to feel less guilty about their activities. Studies have shown, however, that alcohol will not make people do things they would not normally consider doing while in a sober state of mind. Alcohol gives people a little more courage to do what they desire, and less aware of what they are doing. But, alcohol is not an excuse for one’s actions. When used responsibly, sex and alcohol can go together. However, there are many dangers in using alcohol in sexual situations. In a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public health, they gathered statistics that showed bingers and frequent bingers are at a much higher risk of engaging in unplanned sexual activity and having unprotected sex than non-binge drinkers. Clearly, alcohol has some negative effects on students’ decision making. There are many ways to make sure alcohol doesn’t affect your decision making. One way is to have a plan before going out drinking. Make sure you and your friends know your intentions for the night. If you are sure you do not want to have sex that night, ask your friends to make sure you follow though. Another way is to stay with your friends. They can’t help you if you go off on your own. If you intend to find a sex partner for the evening, make sure you are prepared. In other words, have some condoms on hand. 1
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People often associate alcohol with sexual activity. Many people believe that alcohol is an aphrodisiac, so while intoxicated they feel sexual. It has been proven that both male and female drinkers feel less inhibited about sex when they drink, it has been proven that alcohol consumption actually reduces physiological arousal, pleasure, intensity of orgasms, and increases difficulty in reaching an orgasm. According to Shakespeare in Macbeth, “alcohol provokes the desire but takes away the performance.” In men drinking has been associated with decreased penile enlargement and increased latency to ejaculation. The plastered performer’s problem has even been nicknamed the “brewer’s droop” or “whiskey dick”. Male alcoholics have high incident of erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire. In men chronic heavy drinking causes imbalances in hormone levels. Alcohol effects the centers in the brain that trigger testosterone production, as well as liver problems which impairs the liver’s ability to metabolize female sexual hormones. As a result increased levels of female hormones and decreased levels of male hormones can lead to “feminization,” when you breasts begin to enlarge, you testicles shrink, and your body hair begins to thin. In women drinking has been associated with reduced vaginal blood flow and
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Sex under the influence - John Bieler Psychology of Human...

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