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Environment - Bieler 1 John Bieler Professor Lerner...

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John Bieler Professor Lerner Sociology 202 2 May 2007 Option 4B: The Environmental Movement History of the Environmental Movement The environmental movement is a social and political movement that started during the early nineteenth century. Environmentalists part of this movement focus to manage Earth’s natural resources by changing political policies and the behavior of individuals. 1832 to 1960 in the United States was known as the “conservation era.” Author Henry David Thoreau was a prominent figure during this time period. Thoreau was author of the famous novel Walden . In Walden , Thoreau is able to escape from everyday society, and live his life from the woods miles away from neighbors. Many catastrophes in recent history, that lead to a decline in public health, have only furthered the significance of the Environmental Movement. For example, after the dropping of nuclear bombs many innocent people died due to radioactive exposure. Furthermore, after the Second World War in particular awareness began to grow like rapid fire when the public became aware of the destruction to the planet man is capable of. Moreover, American President Theodore Roosevelt made great progress in the field of conservation. Roosevelt advocated the creation of Yellowstone National Park and Timber reserve. Finally, according to Richard Lacayo of Time magazine, “For a long time, when people thought about the environment they thought mostly about things they wanted to conserve: forests, species, oceans,” (61). Bieler 1
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Major Concerns The major concerns for Environmental Movement are also major concerns for politicians like Al Gore. Al Gore has brought the issue of Global Warming to forefront of the American government. Global Warming is the increase of Earth’s average temperature and its continuation. The main cause of this concern is due to human activity called, “Greenhouse Gases.” According to the National Review, Gore “called for a ban on incandescent light bulbs, an increase in fuel-economy standards for cars, new taxes on carbon-dioxide emissions, and a ban on new emissions,” in an effort to slow down the affects of Global Warming (8). The idea that the emission of infrared radiation by an atmosphere warms a planet’s surface was discovered by Joseph Fourier in 1824. Fourier called this process, “the Greenhouse Effect.”
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