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Reflection SHIT - depends on if one feels strongly enough...

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John Bieler Professor Lerner Sociology 202 2 May 2007 Option 3E: Reflections of Activism and Citizenship My Own Reflection When I reflect back on my involvement in social issues, I consider myself pretty involved compared to the average 19 year old, American. But in all honesty I don’t do nearly enough as I could be potentially be doing. I have worked on building a house once with Habitat for Humanity. Furthermore, during my involvement in the student government growing up I held many can/coat drives and drives of that nature. Moreover, I consider myself pretty generous to the homeless, beggars, and other fund raiser opportunities. However, I have never been involved in activism of any sort. I have never felt the need to resort to activism when I feel short changed. I don’t feel this way because I don’t feel directly affected, I am not passionate enough, or I don’t feel I will gain enough backing. Whenever someone else is conducting a survey, petition, or something of that sort, I always do my part and add my opinions. Anyone could be an activist, it all
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Unformatted text preview: depends on if one feels strongly enough about an issue to do something about it. I met a girl from Holland, on the streets of Rome and she told me that she was very dedicated to activism and protesting. She was disappointed to hear that we were from the D.C. area and I had never been to a protest. I think activists are people who feel strongly about an issue and they are self confident and self righteous. I believe they are very brave and are very out spoken. They believe that there voice needs to be heard. I think now a days these Bieler 1 people act in all kinds of ways from protesting, to organizing, to picketing, and different ways like that. I believe we protest mostly in non violent ways. There has been a lot about immigration protests in recent news. They protest by putting money into the United States economy by not spending money on a day. They also organizing and thousands come together in Los Angeles. Bieler 2...
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