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Research Skills Assignment (Option 2B)

Research Skills Assignment (Option 2B) - John Bieler...

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John Bieler Professor Lerner Sociology 202 22 February 2007 Research Skills Assignment (Option 2B) Having research skills is essential to getting through college and beyond. The information presented in the modules is very useful and is not what students normally think about when researching. For example, I rarely check the sources used by authors to check if they are valid. The exercises put what we read in the modules to the test. This was the first time I looked for some of that kind of that information and was really eye opening. I learned that it is important to look at the authority of the author to find if there is any bias in the print. Another important part of research is making sure that the print is valid. With all the information on the internet it is hard to tell whether it is written by an elementary student or an award winning author. To alleviate this one must look at the review process the author went through, for example if it went through a publisher or any review process.
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