Short Personal Reflection (Option 3A)

Short Personal Reflection (Option 3A) - John Bieler...

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John Bieler Professor Lerner Sociology 202 22 March 2007 Short Personal Reflection (Option 3A) Sociology has helped me gain perspective to many different aspects of life that are going on all around me. For example, when we watched the video “Out at Work,” I had no idea this kind of harassment was taking place at the work place and that this is an issue every homosexual has to deal with. I thought it was illegal for companies to fire you cause of your sexual orientation but it is not and I think that the government should protect homosexuals in the workplace. The workplace is a common setting for these types of actions to occur. Stratification occurs on many different levels if someone is racist or sexist. Another video we watched that really hit close to home was the “Fallon, Nevada Cancer Cluster” video. In this video children were being diagnosed with cancer at an unusually high rate. The people in Fallon, Nevada were told just to wait for answers while the government slowly moved in. Even once they did move in their results were
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Short Personal Reflection (Option 3A) - John Bieler...

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