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Lucas Relationship - having an intimate relationship Maggie’s orientation towards friendship is also win-lose Maggie wins by having Lucas as a

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John Bieler 2/18/08 SPD 126 Relationship Questions: Lucas 1. At the end of the movie, Lucas and Maggie are at the stabilized friendship stage. Towards the end of the movie, Lucas tries to play football but gets knocked out. However, Lucas and Maggie are still friends and Maggie is there waiting for him to wake up in the hospital. 2. Lucas faces pressures to have a physical or intimate relationship with Maggie. While Maggie faces pressures to choose Lucas over other activities like cheerleading. 3. Lucas’ orientation towards friendship is win-lose. On one hand he gets to be friends with Maggie and on the other hand he doesn’t get what he wants by
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Unformatted text preview: having an intimate relationship. Maggie’s orientation towards friendship is also win-lose. Maggie wins by having Lucas as a friend, however loses by having him interfere with her being a cheerleader. 4. Lucas is very bad at dealing with conflict. When Maggie turns him down he just runs under a bridge. This is unproductive for Lucas. When Lucas gets injured at the football game. Maggie responds by being at the hospital when Lucas wakes up. This is a productive conflict resolution. 5. Other character like Charlie Sheen’s character, Cappie, responds to conflict by trying to include Lucas....
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