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John Bieler 4/21/08 SPD 126 Relationship Questions: Terms of Endearment Aurora and Emma 1. Aurora and Emma exhibit a couple different styles of love. The first and more obvious style of love would be agape love. Agape love is a selfless love that is motherly exhibited by Aurora to Emma. I would also consider their relationship a storge love developing from friendship into truly loving one another. 2. At the end of the movie their relationship is at the integrating stage in the relationship. They already integrate each other in their life by always talking on the phone. But Emma truly integrates Aurora into her life by giving her the responsibility of looking after her kids.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Emma in the beginning refused to be affected by her mothers nastiness. For example, when she was getting married to Flap she was very happy but her mother was not. Aurora on the other hand seemed to be pretty nasty throughout most of the movie. However, when her daughter was sick she made sure her daughter was getting the best medical attention. 4. I believe that both Aurora and Emma take responsibility for each of there actions. By the end of the movie both are able to make peace before Emma passes on. Emma is sorry for her irresponsibility and Aurora is sorry for her nastiness towards her daughters life style....
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