Modern challenges

Modern challenges - than people who are trying to get an...

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Allen Cordell Checkpoint: Modern Challenges in Immigration Eth/125 Kelly Hebb Campbell 3/29/2011
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I think that the United States shouldn’t show any favoritism towards any certain racial group. Our country is the most diverse nation in the world and we have people from all over the world residing in the United States. It isn’t right for immigrants to be charged based on what country they are from and if they will have a job when they arrive. Someone who broke the law and is working in the country illegally is charged five dollars less than someone trying to enter the country the legal way. Also an entrepreneur trying to get into the country has to pay fifteen hundred dollars to get into the United States. The problem with this is that people that can create jobs are being charged more
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Unformatted text preview: than people who are trying to get an American job. Another problem is that if you don’t have a job in the United States you have to pay more for a green card. People who come into the country illegally are taking the jobs from American citizens. If you are an entrepreneur trying to create a business in the United States you should be charged less because you are creating more jobs. All applications should cost the same for everyone. People who are charged more are less likely to want to enter the country. It is considered discrimination to charge one race more than another. The laws need to change and everyone should be charged the same amount except for children....
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Modern challenges - than people who are trying to get an...

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