Internet tools at Dirt Bikes'

Internet tools at Dirt Bikes' - Allen Cordell Internet...

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Allen Cordell Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes’ IT/205 Matthew D. Gonzalez 04/04/2011
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There are various internet tools that could help Dirt Bikes’ and their employees save time and generate more profit. The internet can provide an easier way for employees and customers to communicate. Also the internet can allow employees to receive information about the business more quickly. An intranet would allow the employees to send information to each other faster and save time by traveling to their station to retrieve data. They are able to send each other data and help with problems much faster. These processes also create a wonderful experience for the customer because they receive their answers or product much faster. The company could use websites to advertise product which will bring a wider range of customers. This would also allow Dirt Bikes Customers to purchase products online from the convenience of their own home. Sales and marketing would have a broader range to advertise the company because millions of people use the internet. Websites such as Facebook will advertise your product at very little cost and is way cheaper than using a billboard. The message online could reach worldwide and more people will see that rather than a billboard on a highway. Employees working in marketing will be able to save time because they don’t have to leave the office to ensure that the product is getting attention. Social networking is free and saves companies money while reaching more customers. According to a website called, “The best part about social networking is that in most instances it is free to join and the hundreds to thousands of consumers that you
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Internet tools at Dirt Bikes' - Allen Cordell Internet...

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