Race and my community

Race and my community - Race and My Community ETH/125 Kelly...

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Race and My Community ETH/125 Kelly Hebb Campbell 5/14/2011
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Issues of race are very small in my community and they exist mainly in the older generation rather than younger people. Most people enjoy living in the diverse community of Ozark. I witness many groups of diverse children when they walk into my workplace. Also Ozark one of the top 25 cities to retire in the United States. I reside in a small town called Skipperville, Alabama but I work in Ozark. Ozark is a diverse community of approximately 20,000 people. I am currently a shift manager at the Taco Bell in Ozark and serve many different racial groups of people. The leaders in our community treat everyone equal in every aspect of their position in the local government. Almost everyone in the community has a great attitude and show southern hospitality to each other. There are some racist people in the area but I disregard any statements I may hear from them. These types of people come from every race and the reason why many of them are this way is because they lived in years of segregation. The schools in Ozark are very diverse and the students have no problem working with one another to keep it that way. Carroll High School has a population of 796 students and you can find this on a website by the name of http://www.publicschoolreview.com/school_ov/school_id/1095 . According to that website 43 percent of the students are African American and 54 percent are White. Hispanic, Asian, and American Indian each individually are one percent of the school. Dale County High School has 391 children and isn’t as diverse as Carroll. Seventy percent of the children that attend this school are White Americans. Twenty eight percent of the children that are enrolled are African Americans. One percent of the population are Hispanic and the rest are unknown. As I mentioned earlier in the paper, Ozark is very diverse. The Population is about 20,000 and the city is in the top ten in diversity in the entire state according to http://www.citytowninfo.com/places/alabama/Ozark . African Americans make up twenty eight percent of the population. Sixty eight percent of the population are White Americans. Hispanic Americans are about 2 percent of the area and people of mixed races are about one percent. Asians, Native American, Alaskan, and other are less than
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Race and my community - Race and My Community ETH/125 Kelly...

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