week 5 It 205 - safe before you have someone’s credit...

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Allen Cordell TJX Companies Checkpoint IT/205 Matthew D. Gonzalez 4/14/2011
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There were many weaknesses in the security controls at TJX companies and that is why they had so many difficulties. They didn’t have a very secure firewall in place to protect the data on their computers. The files weren’t encrypted so a hacker could easily steal the information once it was gathered after hacking into their system. Also the company never installed and anti-virus software to detect any malicious activity. If that were in place they could have caught it in time and caught the person trying to steal the information. It is very important to ensure that your system is secure and the data is
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Unformatted text preview: safe before you have someone’s credit card information in your hands. TJX has learned a great lesson from this and can now use it to create a more secure process for not only their business, but for their customers as well. The owner can hire some skilled technicians to create security and make certain that this never happens again. This event will have an affect on this business that cause them to invest in anti-virus software, Firewall, spy ware, and skilled information technology spet. They will make sure they know that their security systems are updated and the newest technologies are in place to prevent another incident from happening again....
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week 5 It 205 - safe before you have someone’s credit...

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