week 8 hardware replacement

week 8 hardware replacement - Allen Cordell Hardware...

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Allen Cordell Hardware Replacement Project IT/205 Matthew D Gonzalez 5/5/2011
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It is always a difficult process for a business to change their customer relationship management. When a business is in this process they may have to change parts of their information system or values in order to satisfy customers. This involves the five variables of project management in order to complete the change in a timely and efficient manner. Scope, time, cost, quality, and risk have a big role in the success of change in a business. Time and scope coincide together because you have to create an efficient scope in a set amount of time. The scope of a project is critical because it includes all of the information to complete the project. This keeps management and control in the project because it has the timeline of when each process needs to be completed. Also newer things are added to the project depending if some processes have to be changed or better ones are found. Using a Change Management System the person in charge can easily place new projects in and toss the ones they don’t feel they need to use. A scope can be very detailed or loosely put together depending on how precise the company is about what they want to achieve. Time is everything before, during, and after the process of changing systems in a company. There are times set for each individual project and they are supposed to be finished on time in order to start on the next part of the project. If there is no timeline in place everyone would take there time to do
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week 8 hardware replacement - Allen Cordell Hardware...

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