soc 120 week 3 checkpoint

soc 120 week 3 checkpoint - considering I am married and...

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Allen Cordell Checkpoint: Social Construction of Reality SOC/120 Jill Raichel 6/3/2011
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I am a very social person and will communicate with others around me to achieve goals whether I am at work or home. There aren’t very many people that work with me because our store is a lower profit one. My job involves being sociable because I am a Shift Manager at Taco Bell. I talk with customers all the time whether it involves greeting them when they enter the restaurant, taking their order, or fixing any problems that may occur. At work I interact with people in a friendly and professional manner to ensure that everyone, even my employees, stay happy and enjoy the store. My life at home is very busy and there are always many conversations
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Unformatted text preview: considering I am married and have two children. We all have to work together to ensure that we are on the same page with discipline and the way we raise the children. At home we are very social and enjoy watching television and doing other activities together. Also with my wife and I working it is very crucial for us to be social in order to be on the same page. School is different from work and school because it is a different style of communication. It is sometimes difficult to read what others are saying and try to figure out the tone and style they are using in their paper. I enjoy responding to other and think it is a great idea because you can gain information that you can use later on in schooling or life....
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soc 120 week 3 checkpoint - considering I am married and...

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