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Implicit Association Test - answer questions about how they...

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The AIT test that I took was the Race AIT and my results were exactly as I thought. After I was finished with the test my result was that I have no automatic preference to Black or European Americans. I don’t think that this test produces valid results about whether or not people prefer a certain race. The reason why I don’t think it is accurate is because you click on pictures but you can easily be confused when they switch the words. This can cause you to accidently click on the wrong button. The best methods that we can use to find out someone’s preference to a certain race is to allow them to take a standardized test. This could prove to be very effective because they can
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Unformatted text preview: answer questions about how they feel about another racial group. Another way to figure out someone’s race preference would be to let them talk with a psychologist. A psychologist would be able to understand their preference by their tone when they answer a question. I felt that this test was inaccurate and would rather pursue another way to find out if someone prefers one race over another. Although I feel my test was right in how I feel there is still a way that people can lie about their feelings on this test....
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