Chapter 9 True or False

Chapter 9 True or False - destruction of Jerusalem. A) True...

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True or False (See related pages) 1 The author of the Gospel of Luke addresses his work to a man named Paul of Tarsus. A) True B) False 2 A long, central section of the Gospel of Luke, the "Greater Interpolation" of Luke 9:51–18:14, is a miscellaneous compilation of Jesus' teachings while he was on the road from Galilee to Jerusalem. A) True B) False 3 One of the main thematic interests of Luke is Jesus' and the disciples' use of prayer. A) True B) False 4 Luke 6 contains a briefer version of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew called the Sermon on the Plain. A) True B) False 5 In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus does not stress the dangers of wealth or material possessions as strongly as he does in the other Gospels. A) True B) False 6 The Gospel of Luke modifies Mark's version of Jesus' End time discourse by emphasizing that the Parousia will come immediately after the
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Unformatted text preview: destruction of Jerusalem. A) True B) False 7 More than any other Gospel writer, Luke emphasizes the innocence of Jesus and his followers of any crime against Rome. A) True B) False 8 According to the Gospel of Luke, when a centurion standing by sees the manner of Jesus' condemnation and execution, the centurion declares, "Beyond all doubt, this man was innocent." A) True B) False 9 Luke omits the tradition found in the Gospel of Mark that Jesus would appear in Jerusalem, and sets all of the resurrection stories in Galilee. A) True B) False 10 Luke emphasizes the physical reality of Jesus' resurrection when he portrays the resurrected Christ as eating fish and capable of being touched. A) True B) False...
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Chapter 9 True or False - destruction of Jerusalem. A) True...

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