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midterm sample exam 2 key - 1 ID EXAM ROOM Use the...

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ID__________________________ EXAM #_______ ROOM_______ Use the information in the following reading to answer the exam questions. If you think that Caribbean Chill, Midnight Berry, Mocha Taboo and Mintrigue are the latest cooler flavors, guess again. These are all tastes that are being injected into a line extension of the menthol Kool brand cigarette. This extension, known as Smooth Fusions, has eye- catching and vibrantly colored packaging that is strikingly different from the industry norm. The pack, which features 13 cigarettes on one side and 7 on the other, opens like a book; it is titled The Legendary Smoothness of the House of Menthol is Energetically Fused with Hints of the Unexpected . Focus groups loved the stylish pack and new flavors, comparing the taste and smell of Caribbean Chill to a coconut cocktail. The most important competition comes from Camel Exotic blends, such as Crema (vanilla cream taste), Mandarin Mint and Twist (both citrus). The Smooth Fusions launch strategy places heavy emphasis on distribution to trendy bars, nightclubs and restaurants, where the firm will hold special event evenings and send around “cigarette girls” with samples. In addition, they have spent heavily on print advertising with images that pair the stylish pack with attractive young night-clubbers. Smooth Fusions blends are being marketed like a boutique brand for hip trendsetting smokers between 21 and 30. They are meant to be special occasion cigarettes that lure adult smokers from competitors or provide Kool smokers some variety without leaving the brand. However, anti-tobacco advocates insist that the Smooth Fusions brand is an attempt to trap
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midterm sample exam 2 key - 1 ID EXAM ROOM Use the...

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