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2007 BC Energy Plan GL

2007 BC Energy Plan GL - BACKGROUNDER 2007EMPR0008-000178...

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Unformatted text preview: BACKGROUNDER 2007EMPR0008-000178 Feb. 27, 2007 Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources ELECTRICITY, ENERGY CONSERVATION AND EFFICIENCY The BC Energy Plan: A Vision for Clean Energy Leadership puts British Columbia at the forefront of environmental and economic leadership in our energy policies. The Plan outlines the steps required for all stakeholders – including industry experts, environmental agencies and the people of British Columbia – to develop realistic and achievable goals for conservation, energy efficiency and clean energy. Highlights Electricity: Ensure self-sufficiency to meet electricity needs by 2016, plus “insurance” power to supply unexpected demand thereafter. Maintain public ownership of BC Hydro (BCH) and its heritage assets, and the BC Transmission Corporation (BCTC). o BCTC will ensure the transmission technology and infrastructure remains at the leading edge and has the ability to deliver power efficiently and reliably to meet growing demand. Extend the BCH heritage contract in perpetuity to ensure ratepayers will continue to receive the benefits of low-cost electricity. All new electricity generating facilities constructed in British Columbia will be required to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions. By 2016, existing thermal generating power plants will achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions. Require zero greenhouse gas emissions from any coal thermal electricity facilities. Establish a standing offer contract for clean electricity or high efficiency electricity cogeneration projects less than 10 megawatts to help expand B.C.’s clean energy supply. o The contract price will be based on the prices paid in the most recent BC Hydro energy call. Ensure clean or renewable electricity generation continues to account for at least 90 per cent of total generation. o These include sources of energy that are constantly renewed by natural processes, such as large and small hydroelectric, solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, wood residue and energy from organic municipal waste. Continue to support electricity trading opportunities and allocating trade revenue to BC Hydro ratepayers to keep electricity rates low. No nuclear power. -more- -2Conservation and Energy Efficiency Set an ambitious target to acquire 50 per cent of BC Hydro's incremental resource needs through conservation by 2020. Support utilities and the BC Utilities Commission to pursue all cost-effective demand side management programs. o Encourage utilities to design rates to encourage efficiency, conservation and the development of renewable energy. Implement cost-effective energy efficiency standards for new buildings by 2010. o Undertake a pilot project for energy performance labeling of homes and buildings in co-ordination with local and federal governments, First Nations and industry associations. o Increase participation in the Community Action on Energy Efficiency program and expand the First Nations and Remote Community Clean Energy program. o Construct new provincial public sector buildings with the highest standards for greenhouse gas emission reductions, water conservation and other building performance results such as a certified standard. Develop an industrial Energy Efficiency Program to address specific challenges faced by the province’s industrial sector. -30- For more information or a copy of The BC Energy Plan: A Vision for Clean Energy Leadership, visit http://energyplan.gov.bc.ca on the Internet. Media contact: Jake Jacobs Public Affairs Officer Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources 250 952-0628 For more information on government services or to subscribe to the Province’s news feeds using RSS, visit the Province’s website at www.gov.bc.ca. ...
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