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Meeting between Subway Franchise Owner and Sunnybrook Decision maker: Hospital Admin or Chief of Staff User: Resident Influencer: Resident Gatekeeper: Buyer: Questions: 1) How often are classes for Resident students at Sunnybrook? 2) Why can’t they use catering? – too busy, too expensive? 3) Benefits: - for catering lectures, but celebratory gatherings (ie. If Dr. publishes an article) - for catering media events, program launches - Convenience (arrangement, food that is quick and easy to eat, difficult to change
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Unformatted text preview: contract with current food suppliers)- Cost - Hospital Catering Staff is unionized and wage rates are upwards of $25- No need to train staff or add more kitchen - - Food Preference --- use this as one of the first benefits- Capacity and confinement to hours Issues, - Classes or events commonly occur during Breakfast hours (between 8-9am) Lunch hours (11:30-1:30pm), dinner/late afternoon (after 5:30pm)- d...
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