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communication_style_overview - Performer As a co-worker Who...

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Copyright 2007 e=mz 2 Performer As a co-worker… As a customer… Who is s/he? focused on self ambitious but concerned for team lively and sociable, often outspoken can be creative Who is s/he? moderately loyal to current supplier open to new offers appreciates full-scale, engaging presentation likes opportunity to express own opinions What are his/her strengths? can be a visionary strives for personal achievement effective in motivating others works hard for “win-win” outcome positive outlook Selling to his/her strengths build on the “what if” scenario highlight superiority of product vs competitor’s product emphasize flexibility and reliability sketch in safety, security features stress effective utility What are his/her challenges? other’s inefficiency (Performer has low tolerance) errors (Performer may have difficulty learning from his/her mistakes) staying on task when this does not fit with plans or personal agenda unskilled or inexperienced team (Performer may “go it alone” rather than bring along newbies) Sidestepping his/her challenges ask for preferences for e-mail, calls, meetings double-check everything give overview of potential problems, failsafe mechanisms emphasize that Performer will benefit from product/service prove credibility of skill and experience don’t try overwhelm or compete with Performer What is his/her response to change and stress? tolerates scope creep and disruption of plans as long as personal goals remain intact tolerates personnel changes adapts well to change if able to manage or control process intense pressure can increase egotism and self-absorption Using his/her response to change emphasize reliability of team who will install, maintain the new product/service introduce others in sales and support or provide t résumés offer flexible service and support options for Performer’s selection have a crisis-management plan brace for arrogance What is his/her attitude to risk? tolerates risk and can be forceful in convincing others will modify plans that put personal agenda at risk expects risk to be associated with any worthwhile venture Presenting risk to advantage describe possible problems in context of backup service and support highlight minimal inconvenience for Performer use case study or customer reports to describe risk/benefit ratio
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Copyright 2007 e=mz 2 Negotiator As a co-worker… As a customer… Who is s/he? focused on relationships concerned with social dynamics level-headed calm and composed can be moderately creative Who is s/he? loyal to current supplier
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communication_style_overview - Performer As a co-worker Who...

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