Role Play - Role Play: Seller: You are a real estate agent...

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Role Play: Seller: You are a real estate agent trying to close more listing appointments. Your answers should be short, punchy, and to the point. They should remove all possible objections so that you walk away with the listing. Remember to remain conscious of implicit objections, as well as explicit. In encountering objections, remember it could be because: You haven’t discovered the needs enough You haven’t told good stories You haven’t got good rapport You haven’t presented your companies credentials well enough Etc… Client: Please use these phrases but also feel free to improvise on any objections dealing with: - service - commission and price points - negotiation (common resistance points for real-estate agents): Remember to incorporate some implicit objections: (ie. Clearing throat, shifting, silence, repeating statement (to buy time) etc) Sample objection phrases: “We’re not ready. We have to fix up the house first.” “Cut your commission” “The other agent said they’d get me more money for my house” “I have a friend in the business” “We want to try and sell it ourselves” “I want to keep my promise to the agent from which I originally bought the house” “We want to think it over”
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How to handle objections: Feel, Felt, Found Feel - This builds harmony and creates rapport & Tell them you understand their point of view& Empathise with the customer± Use listening noises& Lower tone of voice¶ Slow down Felt - The customer is more likely to cooperate, as you are not making it personal. You have moved the call to a less bias place. By telling them about someone else in the same situation they become part of a group, and not alone in their situation 6 Tell them you know someone else that felt the same way Found - Once the customer is attached to the group they will be more inclined to move forward with the group.
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Role Play - Role Play: Seller: You are a real estate agent...

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