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lab write up.7 - Discussion / Conclusions (3pts) * Use the...

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Discussion / Conclusions (3pts) * Use the internet to acquire information on potential uses of the solids you obtained in this investigation. Can the solids be discarded as waste or re-used commercially? *Discuss how you would ensure all of a particular compound was recovered as a solid *Discuss possible errors and limitations in the procedures used in this investigation *Support your recommendation to the company that hired you to investigate the economics of using waste solutions Al(OH)3 = aluminum hydroxide. Aluminium hydroxide also finds use as a fire retardant filler for polymer applications. Its used as an antacid and it reacts with excess acid in the the stomach reducing its acidity. Mn(OH)2 = Heat-decomposable white-pink crystals; insoluble in water and alkali, soluble in acids; occurs in nature as pyrochroite AgCl = Silver Chloride. a white, granular, water-insoluble powder, AgCl, that darkens on exposure to light, produced by the reaction of silver nitrate with a chloride. It’s used in photographic emulsions, photometry, and silver plating.
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lab write up.7 - Discussion / Conclusions (3pts) * Use the...

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